Tuesday, 12 May 2020 14:06

Meeting of representatives of the Ministry of Communities and Returns and KFOR

Pristina, April 12, 2020

A series of incidents in the last two months against the property of Serbs, Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians and building trust between non-majority communities and law enforcement in Kosovo were the topic of today's meeting between representatives of the Ministry of Communities and Returns and KFOR Headquarters in Kosovo.  When the perpetrators of criminal acts remain at large, a feeling of impunity is created, and when the criminal acts are directed towards returnees and non-majority communities, condemnation of the entire society is needed, as well as the reaction of all institutions, the interlocutors agreed during today's meeting.

During the meeting, KFOR members expressed great concern to Minister Dalibor Jevtic due to the fact that there was not enough reaction from the public and representatives of institutions regarding the 15 incidents that affected non-majority communities and returnees in Kosovo in the previous two months.  The perpetrators of criminal acts must be found and punished in accordance with the law, because only in that way can shaken trust in institutions be built, it was pointed out at today's meeting.

Representatives of the KFOR General Staff stressed that they would work with anyone who wants to contribute to building a secure environment in which all communities enjoy equal rights and freedoms in a multiethnic Kosovo.

Participants in today's meeting agreed that in the future it is necessary to include representatives of other institutions that can influence the building of trust of non-majority communities in institutions in Kosovo.

Today's meeting at the Ministry of Communities and Returns was organized on the initiative of Minister Dalibor Jevtic and KFOR Commander Major General Michel Risi, and after a series of incidents in Serb areas in Kosovo.  Jevtic and Risi have met and talked several times in the last two weeks.  The meeting was attended on behalf of the Ministry of Communities and Returns by the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers Nenad Talić, as well as Advisers to the Minister Miloš Stanković and Marko Stanojević, while on behalf of the KFOR Headquarters were the Director of the Joint Operations Center Lt. Col. John Hunter and Liaison Officer  EULEX mission Major Jordan Willey.

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